Friday, 1 July 2016

Talend Certification Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Recently, I have given Talend Open Studio Certification exam for Data Integration. Most of the users have some doubts or questions regarding the certification. Before giving the exam I have done some research on the exam. So in today's post I am going to compile list of frequently asked questions related to the Talend Certification. Here it goes:

Question. What are the exam objectives for the Talend Open Studio for Data Integration Certification?
Answer.  TOS for DI certification exam will only cover the topics from the objectives mentioned in the below links:

Question.  What is the cost of the Exam and from where I can buy it?

Answer. Cost of the Exam is $100 and you can buy the exam by visiting the link

When you purchase a Talend Certification Exam, you receive an e-mail within two business days that includes all the information you need to access and complete the online test.

Question.  How many questions will be there and the time duration to complete the exam?

Answer. For TOS DI certification exam there will be 60 questions. Time duration of the exam is 120 min, You can see time ticker while giving the exam.

Question.  What’s the passing score of the certification exam?

Answer. Passing score of the exam is 80%. e.g. If there are 60 exam questions then to pass the exam you should at least answer 48 questions correctly.

Question.  Do I have to visit any prometric exam center for taking the Exam?
Answer. There is no need to visit any prometric center for the exam. The exam is purely online and can be given from anywhere without any camera or instructor.

1. How do you add  a Shape to  a Business Model ?  (Multiple Choice)
(A)   Click and place it from the palette
(B)   Click in the quick access toolbar
(C)   Drag it from the repository
(D)   Drag and drop it from the palette
2. You have three jobs that you want to run. Jobs 1 and 2 will run in parallel. Job 3 will need to run after jobs 1and 2 are completed. What component can be used to set this up?
(A)   tRunJob
(B)   tParalleize
(C)   TPostJob
3. From which tab in component view would you specify whether the configuration is built in or repository?
(A)   Dynamic settings
(B)   Documentation
(C)   Advanced settings
(D)   Basic settings
4. What is the default value of the Field separator parameter for a tFileInputDelimited component ?
(A)   A colon
(B)   A semicolon
(C)   A pipe
(D)   A comma
5. When you save changes to a tMap configuration you are sometimes prompted to propagate changes why?
(A)   Because your changes affect the output schema and the source component should have a matching schema
(B)   Because your changes affect the output schema and the target component should have a matching schema.
(C)   Because your changes have not yet been saved
(D)   Because your changes affect an input schema and the related source component should have a matching schema
6. How do you change the text label on a component in the design workspace? (Multiple Choice)
(A)   Right-click the component in the design workspace twice
(B)   From the label in the design workspace twice
(C)   From the View tab in the Component view
(D)   From the Label tab in the Component view